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Harry Potter

Doctor Who

I am so obsessed by TV shows at the moment. I started Game Of Thrones just a couple of weeks ago and I swear it will be the death of me, my God. It’s ruining me! And if that won’t ruin me then House of Cards will, just started last week and it’s my new drug. And not to mention, I started watching Gilmore Girls again from season 1. I forgot how good it was as it’s been a long time since I saw it.

A to Z of Me: Part 1

A. Art

Art is a big part of my life. I had visuall art as a selective subject in my final year at Upper Secondary and I even got an A. Art in any form inspires me everyday and I have always loved drawing and painting since I was very little.

B. Books

I love reading and I have a selection of books that I love and books I need to read. There is always something good out there for everyone and they inspire people everyday, including me. Fanfiction is also something that inspires me, becuse people make up their own stories based on tv-shows and films that never where books and you can read about that. I get a lot of my own fanfiction ideas when reading other people’s  work.

C. Costas Mandylor

This is more of a recent one as I did not very long ago watched SAW V, VI and VII after a semi-long break from the series. Hoffman was a little bit in III and IV, but in the last three installments he was the main character with a lot of screen time and it made me appreciate both him and the character a lot more. I have checked out this older film where he is in called Crosscut which was nice and he looked really handsome. I also checked out Secret Agent Man, which is not really good, but Costas is great. In interviews he really keeps his charming australian accent and I love his voice. He seems so sweet, funny and down to earth both normal on set and on interviews. He also got blue eyes, which I must say is now my ultimate weakness, considering all these dazzling men I adore with blue eyes. He stole my heart <3

D. Disney

This is a photo I took at the studios when I went to Disneyland Paris in 2007.

I love Disney and everything about it. That I have done since I was a little baby. I have a huge collection of disney movies and it continues to grow all the time. I do plan to visit Disneyland Paris again this year if the economy is allright. I don’t think there goes a day when I don’t think about Disney for one second.

E. Elves

I love both elves and fairies and I have seen a fairy once. My aunt as well. She also has these very cute fairy statues in her garden. I have this flower fairy journal and it is a very fascinating book. I love the never fairies since I was very little and in the later years I have been very facinated by elves, especially in Tolkien’s world. I even got a tattoo of my name in elven script. I also want to mention Minimoys as They are very small and lives among the nature, very much like the fairies. I love movies and the books and I have the video game where the nature is created with much detail and respect.

F. Food

I really love food! I mean, who doesn’t? I love almost any kind of food, but I am very weak for Italian, Japanese, Indian and Chinese cusine. I have tasted many types of food and there are still a lot of things I want to try. I also like to try new combinations of food and snacks. I also like my food spicy!

G. Game of Thrones

About two weeks ago I started watching season 1 of Game of Thrones. Now I don’t know if it was a good or a bad idea. I have put this series on hold ever since it started and it wasn’t until August last year that a friend from college told me that I had to watch it. Now almost a year after, I finnally og into it. I jsut finished season 1 and started season 2 and it is really good. For me it’s a mix of Lord of the Rings, The Borgias and a cencsored version of Caligula. And the fact that the cast has actors from Harry Potter, lord of the Rings and Narnia makes it even better. I really love the cast and the music and this show is so addicting. I do plan to get all the seasons on Blu-ry as soon as possible.

H. Harry Potter

People that don’t know my huge love and obsession for Harry Potter, don’t know me at all. Harry Potter is synonym with my name. If there is something that is slightly related to Harry Potter, you will know that I know! I love the books, films and games, i own merchandise and music, I know every tiny little fact and trivia about every actor ever involved with the series and I can connect almost any actor out there to Harry Potter. I also would like to mention that I went to Studio Tour London in December and tasted Butterbeer for the first time. i really loved it. The chocolate frog was surprisingly good and I have tried Bertie Boot’s beans, even some of the horrid flavours. and I almost vomited!

I. Ice Cream

I love ice cream! I love many different types as well, but I’m so weak for the Italian. It’s soft, refreshing and has almost any flavour you can possibly imagine! I also love Ben & Jerry’s especially Phish Food, Strawberry Cheesecake and Blondie Brownie Core.

J. Jason Isaacs

He’s one of the first older celebrity crushes I got and it has stuck with me a couple of years now. I have seen lots of films and a couple of TV-shows and he is just amazing. I have also been very lucky to have been very close to him on a press conference promoting the last Harry Potter film and I think I almost passed out, because he looked my way!

K. Kill Bill

This was a really hard one as I couldn’t come up with anything starting with K, but I will mention that the Kill Bill movies are pretty awesome. Quentin Tarantino is one of my favourite directors and Uma Thurman is one of my favourite actresses.

L. Lolita

Ever since I saw this film I was in love with it. I also recently saw The Kubrick version, but I still prefer the newer one. It’s because I feel it’s more realistic and closer to what is decribed in the book and it’s more of a tragic drama. I haven’t read the book, but I read that Lolita (or Dolores) was about 12 in the book. She’s around 14 in this film, but in the old film, she looks like she’s almost 20. I do want to read the book as well and Lolita also introduced me to Lana Del Rey as she has a couple of songs inspired by the book and she is very talented.

M. Malcolm McDowell

If you have been following me for the past year, you can see that most of the content is about Malcolm. It was last year my life sorta changed when i saw A Clockwork Orange for the first time. After that I just continued to watch films and I belive I have seen about 30 of his films and I own about 10 or them myself. I will pretty much watch anything with him and can connect him with almost any actor ever. I can never really hate him, because he’s so down to earth and not stuck up as you would maybe think. His voice is amazing and his blue eayes pierce through my soul everytime I look at them. He is so dreamy, even today. Not even sorry!

N. Narnia

Narnia is a very huge part of my life as it reminds me that there is always something good in the end of all evil. I love the books and the movies and sometimes I enjoy the BBC series. I love the music used as it’s so dreamy. I like the fact that there are many different ways to get to Narnia. You connect with the characters and the world and it’s just very inspiring.

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