Final vlog from London where I show the journey back home to Norway.

Sunday vlog part 2

Third and last part of the Saturday vlog.

Part two of the Saturday vlog.

Part one of the Saturday vlog.

This is my first vlog. I was in London this weekend and this is from Friday.

30 Disney questions challenge

I hate these 30 day challenges, because I can never finish them, so I descided to do them all in one go, Disney themed. Very simple.

DAY 1: Favorite movie: It must be some kind of tie between The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Little Mermaid
DAY 2: Favorite princess: Aurora or Belle
DAY 3: Favorite prince: Prince Philip
DAY 4: Favorite song: I love so many songs, but some of my absolute favourites are Be Prepared, In A World of my Own, Once Upon a Dream and I Won’t Say(I’m In Love)
DAY 5: Favorite kiss: Tarzan & Jane and Simba & Nala
DAY 6: Prettiest princess: Ariel
DAY 7: Favorite castle: Sleeping Beauty Castle/ King Stefan’s Castle
DAY 8: Saddest moment: Ma leaving Todd in the woods, Mufasa’s death, Baby Mine from Dumbo, Dwarves crying over Snow White.
DAY 9: Favorite couple: Simba & Nala, Eric & Ariel and Pongo & Perdita
DAY 10: Best hair: Ariel, no doubt
DAY 11: Favorite animal sidekick: Sven, Pegasus and Sebastian
DAY 12: Favorite non-animal sidekick: Genie and Olaf
DAY 13: Favorite outfit: Aurora’s blue dress and Belle’s ballgown
DAY 14: Favorite villain: Scar, Hades and Frollo
DAY 15: Favorite romantic moment: Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Belle and Beast ballroom scene and Bella Notte
DAY 16: Favorite singing voice: Ariel(Jodi Benson), Belle (Paige O’Hara) and Esmeralda (Heidi Mollenhauer)
DAY 17: Best eyes: Belle and Nala
DAY 18: Favorite name: Nala, Aurora, Esmeralda and Thomas(O’Malley)
DAY 19: Favorite soundtrack: The Lion King
DAY 20: Funniest moment: Dwarves washing their hands, Les Poissons, In Summer
DAY 21: Favorite quote: “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense” - Alice “Listen with your heart, you will understand” - Grandma Willow
DAY 22: Bravest princess: Pocahontas and Mulan
DAY 23: Favorite dance scene: Belle and Beast ballroom
DAY 24: Favorite parent: Pongo and Perdita
DAY 25: Favorite lyrics: In a World of My Own
DAY 26: Most magical moment: Pinocchio transformed and the whole birthday surprise sequence in Sleeping Beauty
DAY 27: Best wardrobe: Mulan and Aurora
DAY 28: Favorite sequel: The Lion King II, Cinderella III: A Twist in Time and Mulan II
DAY 29: Favorite overall moment: The Unbirthday Scene
DAY 30: Favorite happy ending: Hercules (Only film I can think of where the main villain isn’t killed of)

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